Hawaii trip

February 28, 2013

Luke and I recently took our honeymoon trip to Hawaii in January. We got married back in August, but being in the thick of the wedding season we weren't able to take a vacation until winter. We spent three weeks on Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island. Luke and I had lots of lounging beach days, but we also took a week to do one of the most exhilarating and challenging hikes out there, the 11 mile Kalalau trail on the rugged Napali coast in Kauai. Heres a video Luke put together of some of the adventures we went on, from an amazing helicopter tour, backpacking the Kalalau trail, to snorkeling and swimming with dolphins. We cant wait to get back!

highlights from our trip:

- eating some of the freshest fish and best sushi we have ever had!!
- finishing the Kalalau trail, 4 days and 24 miles later!
- first beer and meal after the Kalalau trail (amazing)
- snorkeling with 19 dolphins! off two step on the Big Island
- checking out a Kona coffee plantation Greenwell Farms, that sells to Sweet Marias
- snorkeling with sea turtles at Richardson Park, Big Island
- Kona Brewing, enjoying some of their beers you can't get here on the mainland
- seeing whales breach off of Kauai (Hawaiian humpbacks)
- Luke cracking open a coconut for the first time with his new hatchet
- finding ripe papayas 5 for $1 at a farmers market, what?!
- Pamela not using a blowdryer for three weeks= awesome!


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