Promo: Behind the Scenes with Jill Johnson Photography

May 31, 2012

This is a behind-the-scenes video for Jill Johnson Photography showcasing her gorgeous photos and backstage goofiness with stylist Tia Reagan. This footage was from a bridal shoot we did in the fall for Today's Bride, just re-edited with Jill's beautiful photography. Check out her blog to see all the photos from this shoot.

21 Mile Walk

May 24, 2012

A few weekends ago Luke, his sister Audrey and I went on a 20 mile walk down the Los Gatos Creek trail. It starts at the top of Meridian and Willow, and follows the creek for 10 miles past Vasona Lake and down into the Lexington Reservoir (which we actually hiked through to loop around). We had a nice halfway lunch break at Los Gatos Brewing Company, before we headed back home. It took us 8 hours! (good thing we left at 9am)

20 mile walk down the Los Gatos creek trail and back

Luke had an idea last fall, to walk the entire length from San Jose up to San Francisco along the El Camino Real. The original El Camino Real was the first road along the California coast connecting all the missions, and they were each a days walk apart. Its about a 2 days walk from San Jose to San Francisco and about 50 miles! 25 miles per day. So as warm up we decided to walk 21 miles.
50 mile walk from San Jose to San Francisco, 25 miles a day

Its amazing how little we all walk now in our day to day life with jobs that require us to sit, and cars to drive us around, but we were made to walk. It actually wasn't as long as it seems, and we were surprised to find that after 3 hours that much time has passed while walking. After 8 hours my knees were aching but the next day we were feeling fine! We will see how the walk to San Francisco goes...
the walking shoes of choice...
beer tastes so good after walking!

officially 21.58 miles of walking!

Promo shoot: Elite Vendor Group: Speakeasy styled shoot

May 17, 2012

The Elite Vendor Group is a talented group of wedding & event professionals in the Bay Area that we are a part of. We recently collaborated on a Speakeasy party theme, that came together beautifully down to the last detail. Be sure to check out the photos by Kati Decker.

Speakeasy Styled Shoot 
Location: Domenico WinerySan Carlos

PARTICIPATING VENDORS (in alphabetical order by company)
Kevin Whitlock - Aces Up Casino Parties, ( )
Arlene Marcos – “Ah…New Beginnings” Professional Wedding Consulting(
Susanna - AM Party Rentals (
Andree - B Chic Fashions (
Lisa Eliopoulos – Cakepop Delight (
Debbie Lyn – Debbie Lyn’s Costumes (
Lisa Eliopoulous – Domenico Winery Venue (
Crystal/Megan – Enhanced Lighting (
Gigi Moss - Hair by Gigi (
Myra Hadden – How Sweet Isaias (
Judy Lee – Iridescence Bridal Couture, Inc. (
Jen Kwapinski, Jen’s Cakes (
Lauren Beene – Lauren Beene Skincare (assisting Kristen with make-up)
Kati Decker - LightSplash Photography (
Dirk Decker – Assistant Photographer
Lori Carsillo – Vocalist, Guitar (Jay) and Bass (Mike) Players (
Laura Sabahi - LS Blooms (
Luke Goodman & Pamela Francisco - Luke Goodman Cinematography (
Kristen Calderaro – Make-up by Kristen (
Melissa Hoffman –Assistant Make-Up Artist
Bonnie Harper – One World Designs (
Sona Kaur and Jasmine Kaur - Ruak Styling (
Mary Seaton – Sofa Outlet (
Joe Salazar and Oscar Reyes – West Coast Bartending (
Karla Randolph – The Card Lady (
Dexter Cura & Daniel Wilcox – The Laugh Box (
Tiffany - Wildflower Linens (
Eric Aku (, 925.336.6906)
Alex Decker (, 408.394.7338)
Scott Howell (, 310.944.5888)
Eric Stackpole (, 707.483.5067)
Jay Logan (, 510.393.1041)
Joe Salazar (, 408.280.6043)
Oscar Reyes (, 408.221.2396)
Ashley Carvalho (, 707.3331.0690)
Valerie Demattei (, 650.464.4987)
Jenna Gimarelli (, 650.861.7738)
Jillian Gomez (, 408.667.7206)
Christy Henry (, 650.533.9619)
Melissa Howell (, 310.944.5888)
Naomi Valentine (, 530.210.0058)

Friday night cooking at home: Scallops, Pinot Noir and brownies!

May 11, 2012

Pamela and I stayed in and cooked at home tonight. I felt like playing with the new camera a bit. It was also a good chance to play with the new editing software update for Adobe Premiere. It's proven already to be a great update to an already fantastic piece of software.

Pamela planned a dinner of fried scallops with fennel, grapefruit and english cucumber. A perfect meal for a warm summer evening. We topped off the evening with pinot noir, brownies and ice cream.


Wedding: Kellie and Michael in the Backyard

May 03, 2012

Kellie and Michael were married in the backyard of Michael's family home. Their wedding could not have been sweeter, filled with laughter and their families' love. They filled the pool with floating candles, and strung lights across the backyard dinner tables. Their first dance was right at twilight, and just as we started shooting bubbles were blown across like magical fairy lights. So romantic! There is nothing like hanging out at your own home and we truly felt like part of the family that night. Claudia Akers was the photographer, and we had a blast working together that day.

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