February 11, 2010

Japan was quite an adventure.  I didn't take the time to blog while in Japan as my internet access was limited.

My first night, we stayed in a capsule hotel.  It was pretty interesting, I am extremely supprised that these don`t exist in the US.

The Japanese culture absolutely fascinates me.  I had some of the best food I have ever tasted.

To round it up, some of the things I tasted;

-Chicken Sashimi (raw chicken)  My friend Aya took me to an amazing chicken restaurant.  Raw chicken has an amazing texture, similar to Maguro (tuna).
-Octopus, squid,
-Traditional Japanese breakfast; raw egg, nato (fermented soybeans), over rice.
-Beef sashimi (and a few other raw red meats I wont mention)
-Tons of curry (infinately delicious).
-Fish.  Sushi.  Sashimi. and more fish.  We visited a fish restaraunt where the owner had worked as a fisherman for decades.  He had great connections to get excellent fish.  I must have ate ten different parts/kinds of fish in that restaraunt alone.

I will be posting more photos and explaining a few things we did in detail.  I believe I may have actually shot more video than photos!  Kind of crazy.  I am SO jetlagged, so It may take me a couple days to start feeling normal again.

I plan to attempt to learn more Japanese over the next year and return to visit again.  Thanks a ton to my cousin Nate who showed me everything there was to see, and got me there.

A still life from the chicken restaurant.
One night we stayed in a great suite after a poker game with my cousins friends (view from the balcony pictured at night and morning).

Always chasing pretty light.
My cousin Nathan, myself and my cousin Mike
Chicken Sashimi, wonderful.

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