February 11, 2010

Japan was quite an adventure.  I didn't take the time to blog while in Japan as my internet access was limited.

My first night, we stayed in a capsule hotel.  It was pretty interesting, I am extremely supprised that these don`t exist in the US.

The Japanese culture absolutely fascinates me.  I had some of the best food I have ever tasted.

To round it up, some of the things I tasted;

-Chicken Sashimi (raw chicken)  My friend Aya took me to an amazing chicken restaurant.  Raw chicken has an amazing texture, similar to Maguro (tuna).
-Octopus, squid,
-Traditional Japanese breakfast; raw egg, nato (fermented soybeans), over rice.
-Beef sashimi (and a few other raw red meats I wont mention)
-Tons of curry (infinately delicious).
-Fish.  Sushi.  Sashimi. and more fish.  We visited a fish restaraunt where the owner had worked as a fisherman for decades.  He had great connections to get excellent fish.  I must have ate ten different parts/kinds of fish in that restaraunt alone.

I will be posting more photos and explaining a few things we did in detail.  I believe I may have actually shot more video than photos!  Kind of crazy.  I am SO jetlagged, so It may take me a couple days to start feeling normal again.

I plan to attempt to learn more Japanese over the next year and return to visit again.  Thanks a ton to my cousin Nate who showed me everything there was to see, and got me there.

A still life from the chicken restaurant.
One night we stayed in a great suite after a poker game with my cousins friends (view from the balcony pictured at night and morning).

Always chasing pretty light.
My cousin Nathan, myself and my cousin Mike
Chicken Sashimi, wonderful.


  1. Pictures, finally! Send us more!! Shots from the balcony, cool. Love the 3 cousins photo. Keep them coming Luke!!


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