First 5d Mark III Film.

March 27, 2012

Jessica Fisher and I spent Sunday afternoon and part of Monday this morning shooting a test film on the new Canon 5d Mark III camera.

I'm in love with coffee. I started roasting my own coffee about six months ago, and I haven't bought pre-roasted coffee since. We shot a bit of the roasting process on my Behmor 1600. I purchase all my green beans, the roaster and supplies at Sweet Marias based in Oakland. They are a phenomenal supplier of beans and the knowledge and expertise to get you started in roasting.

The espresso machine is the Miss Silvia from Rancillio, with a custom PID (Temperature control) installed by Dave's High-Tech Espresso. Another amazing company.

A few technical notes:

  • The ISO's we used were 160, 320, 640, 1250 and even 2500 for a few shots. The shutter ranged from 1/160th to 1/30th.
  • Our goal wasn't to try to fault the camera, we just wanted to shoot something with it. This isn't meant to be a resolution test, moire test, or a rolling shutter test. We did find both moire and rolling shutter are significantly reduced (however, take a good look at the pine table shots in the end: if this was the 5d, this part would be painful to look at).
  • This is all shot on "Standard" picture style with only two clips getting a basic curves/levels adjustment. We underexposed a few shots more than we meant to. I will be color grading this, but for the sake of sharing I thought it best to show you what it does out of the camera. This is a quick edit, and I do plan to edit a tighter version soon. When I have the color timed version I'll add it to this post.
The video file is my sequence setting: full 1080p MPEG. I've made it available for download, I suggest you watch it this way for critical viewing.

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  1. Wow. Shows how little I know about coffee. Looks fun.


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