"The Ancestor" animated music video by Darlingside

October 01, 2012

As some of you may know Pamela is also an artist and illustrator. She recently had a huge opportunity to help create an animated music video for the band Darlingside, with two friends Abe Dieckman who did the amazing animation, and Timothy Hahn, producer. She created the background paintings and textures, as well as many of the individual assets: trees, clouds, plants, stars, furniture etc. It turned out beautifully and the team is so proud to share it! It was just mentioned on Cartoon Brew, Everything Animated, Maimed and Tamed, and was a staff pick on Vimeo! We are trying to get the word out so please share it in as many ways as you can.

"The Ancestor" by Darlingside – Official Music Video from Crazy Lake Pictures on Vimeo.

music by: Darlingside
director: Keith Boynton
producer: Mike Lavoie
producer/editor: Timothy Hahn
lead animator: Abraham Dieckman
lead artist: Pamela Goodman


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  2. A truly beautiful piece of art. Came here looking for who the artist and illustrator were.

    P.S. Melodyloops.com should be ashamed of themselves.

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