January 24, 2012

Music... without it a video would be flat, lacking the emotion that music brings to a film. Pamela and I are passionate about music. We both sing and play piano, and music is a huge part of our lives. We also spend a great deal of time listening to music to find selections for our wedding videos. 

Recently we became aware of a large change in our industry involving music copyrights. Music licensing has always been a hard issue in the wedding videography world. A few months ago, a wedding videographer we know was sued by BMI, the largest licensing entity in the US. The rumor is, they settled for ten's of thousands of dollars- enough to bankrupt many small businesses like ours.

For a long time, we have wanted to support smaller artists, and musicians in general, but licensing fees for popular artists can be hefy! This year we are shifting to copyright free (licensed) music for most of our videos online. We know how important music is to the final film, so we hope to continue creating beautiful films even with changes in our music selections.

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