Final Cut Pro X Released. A sad day.

June 21, 2011

I have waited a long time for Final Cut Pro X to be released (Several years of rumors). With big promises, it fails to deliver on the most fundamental features I need.

No support for opening old projects from FCP7, no multiclip, no XML support, no chapter markers (for DVD creation), and it is the buggiest piece of software I've ever worked with. You can't have two graphics cards in your system- period. It renders out garbage like this instead of video:

You are also unable to have both FCP7 and FCPX open at the same time, which considering they don't support each others files, you would think they would let you open both simultaneously!

Do NOT purchase this software before checkout out this article:

I will be staying with FCP7, and looking at adobe premiere pro as a more current software replacement. Apple, I may consider moving to a windows Machine if I no longer use FCP. I have owned 9 Apple computers in the last 8 years, and never have I felt so neglected as a user. Simply put: You can NOT edit a wedding video professionally on the new software. The software however will be wonderful for home users! Call it iMovie Pro.


  1. I haven't tried Final Cut Pro X yet, but I will say that it would have to be spectacular to beat Premiere Pro 5.5.

    The main reason: rendering speed. PPro 5.5 has its Mercury Engine that uses the GPU in NVIDIA graphics cards to speed up rendering a LOT.

    Premiere Pro is a lot like Final Cut Pro anyway -- both were originally written by the same guy, you know -- Randy Ubillos.

    I've been using Premiere since version 2.0 in 1994, and I've always liked it. But now, it's gone way beyond everything else with that Mercury Engine under the hood..

    Oh, and Luke -- Premiere Pro 5.5 also runs on the Mac.

  2. I love the auto render feature in Final Cut Pro X. It just makes everything so much easier when editing xD


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